hi, nice to meet you

I'm Caroline, senior product designer at SimpleNexus. It's Utah-based but I live in San Francisco. I work at the edge of the mortgage industry, designing an eVault for people to sell loans. I find joy in the complexity of the product and how it connects to services.

Before SimpleNexus, I worked agency at Underbelly where I got exposed to many problems at various scales and industries.

I had the opportunity to work on growth testing at Meta, self-service leasing at Progressive Leasing, and self-service + smart home security problems at Vivint.

The common thread –– I love innovative projects where the outcome is uncertain, and my team must "rise to the occasion" to get the job done.

My design philosophy is informed by my past lives: educational therapy at edtech startup One Mind Learning, marketing at Macy's and TEDxUCIrvine, and studies in Psychology and Social Behavior, Biology, and Org Behavior at UC Irvine.

Design Philosophy

Design must be practical to be scalable.

Design must be holistic and elegant to be sustainable.

Design must be thoughtful to solve problems simply.

More about me. I write regularly. My Substack Designing Minutiae is about designing life while my Medium is more specific to product design. 

To see a curriculum of design skills, visit my work at Systems at Play. I built it to teach young designers what I wish I knew when I started my career. 

The service helps businesses organize their products into a scalable, holistic, elegant systems, making strategy and connected experiences easier to design.

Other passions include ultrarunning, cooking, painting, reading, and curating playlists.

Contact me at carieluu@gmail.com. I love interesting conversations with interesting people like yourself.