What am i trying to emphasize?

Facilitating creativity in rigid industry

At SimpleNexus, I facilitated group discussions to define product vision, dissect challenges in digital closings, steps towards self-service scalability, and aligning roadmaps.

Creating the most loved eVault on the market

eVaults are like banks for loans. Lenders need them to sell loans to investors and offer loans to homebuyers. 

To make this process easier, we build our own eVault.

Signed, (tamper) sealed, delivered

As a result of '08, the government brought regulations to mortgage. One requires certain documents to be tamper-sealed to prevent fraud. 

We built a signing solution to help homebuyers, lenders, and investors get the docs they need. Think Docusign but for mortgage.

Leasing your wildest dreams

Lease-to-own shopping helps people with "less than perfect" credit get what they need in theory. In reality, this process is overwhelming, judgemental, and inconvenient.

To empower users, we designed a self-service mobile experience to navigate the furniture leasing.

Securing home security systems

When hardware and software don't match up, it's hard to make magic. At Vivint, we encountered an low battery problem.

At Vivint, we dug into why users were not replacing their batteries and designed experiments to test possible solutions to a confusing problem.